Processing & Value-Added

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Arizona Resources

Recognize and Investigate Value-Added Opportunities and Constraints

This paper by explains value-added products, provides examples, provides guidelines to help evaluate value-added opportunities, and discusses marketplace evaluation, business/community networking, processing efficiency, and more.



New Mexico Resources

Food Business in New Mexico

This publication from the New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension outlines how to create a food processing business.



Utah Resources

Value-Added Agricultural Products: An Introduction
This resource guide was developed by the Diversified Agriculture Consortium, which is based in Utah.



Other Resources

Value-Added and Processing, ATTRA Publications

ATTRA has numerous publications on this subject.  A few suggested publications include:

Keys to Success in Value-Added Agriculture

Adding Value to Farm Products: An Overview

Food Dehydration Options


Value-Added Business Ventures through Producer Alliances

This publication identifies the factors that producers should evaluate when considering investment in producer alliances. The success of a value-added business depends upon whether the alliance is organized and has a solid business sense.


A Checklist for Producers Starting a New Value-Added Agriculture Business

This Ag Innovation Guide provides a brief overview of some of the steps you need to take in forming a new value-added agriculture business.


Pathway to Organic for Processors

This is a resource website devoted to helping organic processors access information about; starting an organic business, organic certification, regulatory issues, marketing, and production advice. This website has been put together by the Organic Trade Association.


Farm Made: A Guide to On-Farm Processing for Organic Producers
Farm-Made is intended for the organic farmer, or prospective organic farmer, who is considering adding a processing enterprise and needs to know the additional challenges and requirements that organic certification presents, as well as some of the unique opportunities.


Considerations for a Value-Added Agribusiness, University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service
Includes chapters on agricultural business planning, marketing, financial feasibility, product development, and value-added opportunities