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Newsletter Archive

2013 Newsletters

Summer 2013 (843k) This issue discusses food security, local food in schools, a report on the 2012 Border Food Summit, and more.

Special Report 2013 (548k) This special report covers the Beginning Farmer Business Planning and Marketing Toolbox from NCAT, a Small Ruminant Course from ATTRA, and discusses raising meat chickens on pasture. 



2012 Newsletters

August 2012 (1.9 MB)  This issue contains information about the Farm Bill, NM Salad Bar Conference, and the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona.



2011 Newsletters

October 2011 (1 MB) This issue contains in depth accounts of several Native American projects in the Four Corners states.



2010 Newsletters

Fall 2010 (181 KB) This issue describes several projects in Tribal communities and Colonias in the Southwest.


May 2010 (176 KB) This issue highlights the SWMN Utah Urban Agriculture Conference last November as well as Farm to School activities in our region and on the national level.



2009 Newsletters

October 2009 (297 KB) The October issue presents a special look at Community Food Projects throughout the Four Corners States. Also note this issue announces our November Salt Lake Urban Farming Conference.


July 2009 (411 KB) Ideas for how WE can create a Good Food Network in the Southwest. Also in this issue: grant writing tips and innovative ways to support "growing" farmers.


February 2009 (220kb) Durango Conference to Explore Good Food Networks in the Southwest: SWMN Conference coming to Durango in April '09.



2008 Newsletters

October 2008 (139kb) Who will farm the future?

January 2008 (187kb) Next annual conference brings change to the Southwest Marketing Network.



2007 Newsletters

October 2007 (428kb) Tribal Issues Special Edition.


*July 2007* (2mb) The July issues headline: Eating and farming as if it mattered


January 2007 (397kb) Find out about this year's Southwest Marketing Conference, why you should plan before you plant, the sustainable agriculture marketing workshop and a variety of other news and information.



2006 Newsletters

September 2006 (495kb) This is our livestock special issue, find out about western grass, re-stocking your herd after the drought, the National SARE conference and much more.


July 2006 (297kb) Learn about coping with drought, ag policies that affect the Southwest, networking and learning opportunities, the important role of extension agents, and more.


January 2006 (357kb) Get information about this year's conference, the Network's accomplishments, farm-to-school news, organics, agriculture policy in the southwest, and more.



2005 Newsletters

August 2005 (221kb) Find out more about food policy and how communities are making it work.

June 2005 (305kb) Get the highlights of our annual conference in Albuquerque.



2004 Newsletters

December 2004 (170kb) Don't miss this special issue on farmers markets!


September 2004 (254kb) Read about building local food systems, farmers markets, marketing needs, and direct marketing.


June 2004 (147kb) Weren't able to attend the 2004 annual conference? Get a recap of the event's highlights in this issue.



2003 Newsletters

December 2003 (202kb) Learn about upcoming workshops and new publications that could help your enterprise prosper.


October 2003 (247kb) Find out about our demonstration project in Colorado, and the challenges of farming and ranching in the Painted Desert.


September 2003 (240kb) Don't miss this special Farm-to-School issue!


June 2003 (119kb) Get the scoop on our first annual conference! Also find out more about a project we're involved in.



2002 Newsletters

December 2002 (117kb) Learn more about networking and partnerships.

September 2002 (154kb) Our inaugural issue. Find out who we are, what we doing, and how we can help you!