Food System Tools

Informational booklets from our partner, Healthy Community Food Systems, intended to help you build a strong, community-based food system.


Local Product Directories

Resources to help connect local producers and consumers.


Community Food Projects

Information and contacts for Community Food Projects and the USDA Community Food Projects Competitive Grants program.


Grant Writing Resources

Proposal tips, funding opportunities, and more.


Regional News Sources

A compilation of newsletters, listserves, and archived new stories especially pertienent to alternative marketing in the Four Corners states.


Resources for Agents

Resources to assist agents and other service providers - especially those who do not feel they ahve a strong background in maerketing - to respond to alternative marketing questions from their clients.



Online, distance learning, and short-course education opportunities for sistainable agriculture training.


Local Food Initiatives

A web-based listings directory of those groups in the Four Corners states who are working to improve local food systems in their community or in the region