Recordkeeping & Budgeting

Make sure to check out the links on the General Resources - Market Development page, starting with your state's agricultural resources.


Partial Budgeting for Agricultural Businesses

This is an online publication from the Ag Alternatives Program at Penn State on partial budgeting for a farm business. Partial budgeting is a planning and decision-making framework farm business owners can use to compare the costs and benefits of alternatives they face.


Cornell Program on Agricultural and Small Business Finance

The programs are LEAP (lease analysis program), CASHPRO (projecting annual cash flows), MOCASH (projecting monthly cash flows), and FISA (a complete integrated set of financial statements including ratios). These tools are available for download and require the use of Microsoft Excel.  Documentation and instructions for using the tools is contained in the files.


Edible Software
Edible Software enables wholesale grocery, meat, produce, seafood, and general food distributors to increase their bottom line through increased efficiency and improved productivity.



NECS Entree is a Food Distribution Software application for Windows that delivers both tremendous power and ease-of-use not seen in other food distributing software.


Visual Produce
A software program designed to address the business needs of fresh produce Wholesalers, Distributors, Packers, Shippers, Processors, Brokers and Growers.