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Tribal Farmers Market Manual from Farm to Table (1.2 mb PDF file)

Six-page guide to setting up and sustaining farmers markets in Tribal communities.
















Needs Assessment Survey Report

Full Version PDF (2.85mb)
Summary PDF (171kb)

This report, a joint effort by staff of the Henry A. Wallace Center for Agricultural & Environmental Policy, the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT), and the Southwest Marketing Network, describes the results of a survey of service providers in the Four Corners states. The survey was undertaken to gain a better understanding of the capacity of service organizations to provide assistance in agricultural marketing to small-scale farmers and ranchers, and of the information and training needs of organizations and the small-scale producers they serve.


Organic Survey Research Report

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Regional Organic Producers' Resource Guide

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Introductory Note to Readers:
The Southwest Marketing Network and the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) are pleased to present you with this resource guide, developed in 2005 by Katy Pepinsky as part of her Masters work, under the guidance of Dr. Dennis Lamm, Colorado State University. A portion of this work was funded by USDA-Risk Management Agency Outreach program, under a grant to Farm to Table, a nonprofit organization based in New Mexico.

As you use this guide, be sure to look over the listings for services in all four states to find those that might be closer to you geographically.

This Directory was developed in 2005 and has not been updated. Many items, including links, may have changed, but the basic guidance is still very pertinent to organic producers. You may want to refer to our Organic section of the *Marketing Topics* pages for resource links that we do update regulary.

Also, if you want to be added as an organic resource on our website or if you have other feedback on the guide please e-mail Jim Dyer.