Processed Foods

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Colorado Resources

The Business Incubator Center, Grand Junction, CO
The Business Incubator Center is located in Grand Junction, CO. To meet the needs of culinary entrepreneurs, a fully equipped licensed commercial kitchen is available. This is a shared use facility where food producers can legally prepare, process, cook and store perishables. It is a fully licensed facility for catering, food preparation, and specialty food production.


Food Processing: Colorado Department of Agriculture

Good resources for developing and marketing a food product, including the Colorado Co-Pack Directory that lists commercial kitchens to rent as well as professional co-packing companies willing to contract manufacture food products.


Northern Colorado Food Incubator, Ft. Collins, CO
The Northern Colorado Food Incubator (NCFI) is dedicated to fostering local food-related businesses. If you are starting a food business in Fort Collins or nearby -- a restaurant, a catering firm, or technology related to the food industry- NCFI is dedicated to providing support and assistance.



New Mexico Resources

New Mexico Commercial Kitchens

The New Mexico Farmers' Markets website lists commercial kitchens and their contact information in the state of New Mexico.;d=1



Other Resources

Pathway to Organic for Processors
This is a resource website devoted to helping organic processors access information about; starting an organic business, organic certification, regulatory issues, marketing, and production advice. This website has been put together by the Organic Trade Association.


Farm Made: A Guide to On-Farm Processing for Organic Producers
Farm-Made is intended for the organic farmer, or prospective organic farmer, who is considering adding a processing enterprise and needs to know the additional challenges and requirements that organic certification presents, as well as some of the unique opportunities.


Food Dehydration Options

This publication focuses on commercial-scale food drying methods and equipment. It also outlines solar food drying technology that tends to be of lower cost and smaller scale in its application.


Home based Processing and Micro-processing in Kentucky
The University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, Kentucky Department of Agriculture and Kentucky Cabinet for Health Services are partnering to support farm friendly legislation. House Bill 391 and Farmers Market Legislation allows Kentucky farmers who grow and harvest produce to process value-added products and sell them from designated farmers markets, certified roadside stands and the processor's farm. This is inspirational legislation that can serve as a model for other states.