Organic Supply and Market Analysis in the Four Corners

Colorado State University and the Southwest Marketing Network, with funding from Western SARE, partnered to survey all the certified organic growers in the Four Corners States and report the findings.



The project had the following three objectives:

  1. To better understand current and potential future regional organic markets through a comprehensive market supply analysis.
  2. To identify specific market opportunities for organic and "organic-interested" producers in the Four Corners States and develop solutions to overcome barriers that exist in their markets.
  3. To communicate findings to organic and organic-interested producers, and to extension agents, industry members, and non-profit organizations.


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The Southwest Marketing Network will be working with partners to address many of the recommendations in this report.


We had a session at our SWMN Annual Conference in May 2008 on the results of this project as well as other related workshops. Go to the SWMN Conference page for details.


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