Livestock Feed (Including Hay)

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Arizona Resources

Arizona Ranchers' Management Guide, University of Arizona
This newly updated guide contains extension-developed information on a wide range of issues related to Arizona ranch management, including information on production, policy, and economic issues.


Maricopa Agricultural Center
Strives to be at the forefront of disciplinary field investigations, develop, deliver and service the best appropriate integrated agricultural technologies for all problems faced by Arizona consumers and producers, and to provide assistance to all scientists conducting their research and educational outreach programs." The center's main focus is on cotton, small grains, alfalfa, and new specialty crops that could be used to provide fibers, oils, pharmaceuticals, etc.



Colorado Resources

Colorado Hay Directory
This is a comprehensive directory of hay resources in the state of Colorado. This manual was put together by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Division of Markets.



New Mexico Resources

New Mexico Department of Agriculture: Commercial Feed Program
This website describes the NM Department of Agriculture's regulations for animal feed.



Other Resources

ATTRA Livestock Publications
The resources offered here deal with sustainable livestock production literally from the ground up. Pasture management, feeds and forages are covered by several publications, while others address care and management for specific animals and marketing of the products derived from them.