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Arizona Resources

Arizona Grown
A licensed trademark of the Arizona Department of Agriculture and is used to differentiate the high- quality food and fiber products raised in the Grand Canyon state. It is used to increase consumption and use of locally grown agricultural products by educating consumers about the availability, freshness, quality and variety.


Linking Arizona's Sense of Place to a Sense of Taste: Marketing the Heritage Value of Arizona's Place-Based Foods
This publication looks specifically at the traditional and native foods unique to Arizona. This book not only tells the historical story of Arizona's heritage foods; it examines the role these foods can play in a modern era.



Colorado Resources

Colorado Proud

Colorado Proud is a project of the Colorado Department of Agriculture. It is a free marketing program designed to help consumers, restaurants and retailers identify and purchase Colorado food and agricultural products.


New Mexico Resources

New Mexico Retail Green Chile Program

The "Get Your Fix" Green Chile Promotion has grown into the largest promotion program in the history of NMDA, with sales and promotional efforts spanning the country.


New Mexico: Taste the Tradition Program

The NEW MEXICO—Taste the Tradition® and NEW MEXICO—Grown with Tradition® Logo Program was developed by NMDA in 2000 in efforts to help identify and promote all New Mexico agricultural products (food, fiber, wine, produce, nuts, nursery products, and livestock) through the use of one, easily recognizable logo.



Utah Resources

Utah's Own

The Utah's Own program was established to create a consumer culture of choosing Utah products at grocery stores, restaurants; everywhere consumers shop.



Other Resources

A Food Labeling Guide

This guide has been developed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition. The guide is a summary of the required statements that must appear on food labels under the FDA laws and their regulations.


Food Standards and Labeling Policy Book

This is a complete guide to the Food Safety and Inspection Service's regulations for food standards and labeling requirements. Included is information related to dairy, meat and poultry labeling.


Food Labeling Fact Sheets, USDA FSIS

Labeling information for meat and poultry products.