Internet and Mail Order Sales

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Local Harvest
The Local Harvest Store directly sells products from small farmers over the internet. In addition to selling fresh produce and meats directly to their local communities, many of the farmers offer some of their products via mail order on the Local Harvest website. They website currently has over 4,700 products listed.


Small Business Development Center: E-Commerce Guide
This website has information about how to build an internet business. Resources include information about building a web storefront, how to handle internet payments, tax information and security information.


How to Direct Market Farm Products on the Internet
This publication provides basic information and suggestions for direct farm marketers on
selecting and tailoring a Web site to meet their marketing needs and goals. Topics include developing an internet marketing plan and setting up an internet business.


How do I get a Web site to market farm products on-line?
This was an ATTRA "question of the week." This website gives information and resources for the technical side of starting and building a marketing website.


Tips for Selling on the Internet

This ATTRA publication explores the internet as a communication and marketing tool that can provide exposure to a large number of potential customers. This tip sheet highlights the advantages, considerations, useful tips, and key questions you should ask yourself when considering selling your products via the Internet.


Social Media Tools for Farm Product Marketing

This ATTRA publication shows how social media can be a great tool for farmers to share information and build relationships with customers. This publication offers an overview of several social media tools, including how to use blogs, Facebook, email marketing, and Twitter. It also provides tips and case studies on using them more effectively.