Grains and Seeds for Human Consumption

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Arizona Resources

Maricopa Agricultural Center
Strives to be at the forefront of disciplinary field investigations, develop, deliver and service the best appropriate integrated agricultural technologies for all problems faced by Arizona consumers and producers, and to provide assistance to all scientists conducting their research and educational outreach programs." The center's main focus is on cotton, small grains, alfalfa, and new specialty crops that could be used to provide fibers, oils, pharmaceuticals, etc.



New Mexico Resources

Slow Food: Ark of Taste: Chicos, Dried Corn of NM
The Ark of Taste aims to rediscover, catalog, describe and publicize forgotten flavors.Chicos, a food member of the Slow Food "Ark of Taste" project is the name given to dried corn. The word "Chicos" seems to be used mostly in New Mexico, but corn is dried all over the southwest and undoubtedly wherever traditional corn-eating cultures exist.



Regional Resources

Bay State Milling
Bay State Milling, formerly Rocky Mountain Milling, works with local producers and has several specialty product lines, including organic flour.  They have mills in Platteville, CO, and Tolleson, AZ.



Other Resources

Evaluate Your Grain Marketing Opportunities
This article from the New Farm reports on grain marketing strategies including; planning, pricing, promoting, distributing, and executing a grain marketing plan.


Field Crops: ATTRA Publications
If you grow field crops such as grain, corn and legumes, you may want to learn how you can successfully adopt sustainable farming methods or organic production strategies for these crops. This series of publications discusses some of the soil and weed management options and tilling and planting methods that can make traditional field crop production more sustainable and economically viable.


Grain Processing: Adding Value to Farm Products
Value-added processing is a strategy used by some grain growers to keep their farming operations viable. This publication introduces ideas that have worked for some farmers, provides sources for equipment, and lists sources of further information.


Organic Agriculture Resources: Grain Buyers
This is a very comprehensive list of grain buyers throughout the United States. The list has been put together by the Iowa State University.



Case Studies

Blue Horizons Farm

Located in Southwest Colorado, Blue Horizons Farm is a small, family-owned farm that grows, produces, and processes a line of whole wheat products, including organic.  They sell to regional stores and schools, and market their products online and from their farm.

Southwest Heritage Mill

Southwest Heritage Mill was established in 2005 as Indio-Hispano Native Foods, LLC and grew from a community-based company in Albuquerque, New Mexico to a company with a national and international presence.  Its main focus is roasting and milling whole grain, non-gmo corn using red, white, blue and yellow corn varieties to produce the highest quality products.

Bluebird Grains Farm
Bluebird Grains Farm, located in Winthrop, WA, specializes in growing, processing, and direct selling organic grains and fours. This is an inspirational example of what is possible when direct marketing grains.


Jennifer Greene: CSA Pioneer, ATTRA Newsletter

Jennifer Greene, owner of Windborne Farm, runs a 90-member grain CSA in California which includes grains, beans, and edible seeds. Jennifer uses draft horses instead of tractors for planting and cultivating the grains.