Free-Range, Grassfed, and Pastured Livestock

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Arizona Resources

Arizona Ranchers' Management Guide
This guide contains extension-developed information on a wide range of issues related to Arizona ranch management, including information on production, policy, and economic issues.



Colorado Resources

Colorado Pastured Products Directory
The CO Pastured Products Directory is from the website, which is a source for safe, healthy, natural and nutritious grass-fed beef, lamb, goats, bison, poultry, pork, dairy and other wild edibles.



Utah Resources

Small Pasture Management Guide for Utah
This is a resource guide put together by the Utah State University Extension. The guide helps the producer develop a plan for healthy small scale pasture management.



Other Resources

Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance

SWGLA is an alliance of producers, consumers, land managers, conservationists, and researchers seeking to improve human, ecological and animal health, and strengthen local agricultural communities by educating producers and the public about grassfed livestock products.

ATTRA Livestock and Pasture Resources

Publications cover numerous topics relating to free-range, grassfed, and pastured livestock, including alternative poultry production, grass farming, and marketing pastured livestock products.


Kansas Rural Center Publications

Management guides include marketing grassfed beef and direct marketing pasture poultry products.


Energy Efficient Grass-Based Meat and Veal Production Marketing Manual
The Energy-Efficient Grass-Based Veal Production and Marketing Manual provides information to farmers interested in grass-based livestock agribusiness. While the manual focuses on the production and marketing of grass-fed veal and beef, many of these principles can be applied to grass-fed production of lamb, goat and pork as well.


All Things Grass Fed, CA State University Chico
This grass-fed beef educational website provides a scientific review of the literature currently available, information on how to develop grass-fed beef product labels, grass-fed beef recipes and cooking tips, and updates on grass-fed beef related research.