HCFS Food System Tools

Healthy Community Food Systems, a SWMN Partner, is posting a variety of Food System Tools on their website to help you in building a strong community-based food system. Tool Booklets are designed to give you a concise overview, rationale, and possible implementation steps for each activity which can be viewed online, or downloaded and copied for use in meetings or as handouts. Then we direct you to a collection of more detailed Online Resources for more in-depth information and models for the activities you choose to implement.



These are the Tools posted so far on the HCFS Food System Tools Page:

Getting Started Tools:

Rebuilding Your Local Food System — Taking a systems view to ensure sustainability.

Sustainable Food Choices — As local as possible—always healthy and sustainably produced.

Extending the Local Food Season — Eating healthy and local beyond the growing season.

How and Why to Buy Local — A consumer's guide.

NEW: Farm to School — Striving for excellence.


Issue Tools:

Climate-Friendly Food Systems — Reducing climate impacts from farm to plate.

Biodiverse & Wildlife-Friendly Food Systems — Connecting food systems with ecosystems.

Native Farming Practices — Organic and sustainable by tradition.

Native Farming and USDA Organic Certification — One certification option for Native farmers.

Alternatives to Organic Certification for Native Farmers — A better fit for some Native farmers.

Food Safety Considerations for Small Producers and Those Who Support Them — Proactive ways to cope with and improve problematic regulations.

"How To" Tools:

Year-Round Local Food Calendars — From harvest calendars to four seasons food calendars.

Eat-Local Cooking Competition — A tasty way to connect farmers, chefs, and consumers.

Farmer-Chef Connection Event — Linking food buyers and producers.

Starting a Buy Local Food Campaign — Mobilizing your community.

Incorporating Sustainability Into Your Marketing — Telling your farm's story with sustainability in mind.