Food Safety

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Arizona Resources

Arizona Food Safety Regulations
This document contains the Arizona Food Safety Regulations created by the Arizona Department of Health Services.


Arizona's Food Security, Safety and Sustainability: Weighing the Risks of Bioterrorism, Contamination, Drought, and Farmland Loss to Urban Growth

This report not only assesses Arizona's current status and weighs impending risks, but also makes recommendations for advancing food security, safety and sustainability at the state and community levels.




Colorado Resources

Colorado State University Extension: Food Safety Publications

Articles include information on food storage for safety and quality and articles about bacterial concerns related to food safety.


Colorado Farm to Table: Food Safety

Providing resources for each stage of the food chain, from the producer to the consumer, and food safety strategies that can be followed to minimize contamination and help lower the risk of foodborne illness.


Colorado Farm to Market

This site was developed to familiarize Colorado food producers and food product manufacturers with federal, state and local food licensing regulations and to help ensure that the path food travels from farm to fork is safe.



Utah Resources

Utah State Universaity Extension: Food Safety

Information and links to organizations involved in food safety in Utah.



Other Resources

Food & Water Watch
Food & Water Watch works to ensure the food, water and fish being consumed is safe, accessible, and sustainably produced, and help people take charge of where their food comes from.  Great information on factory farms and food safety policy, and how these impact food safety.


The Meatrix

The Meatrix is a short, animated film that helps educate the consumer about the environmental and public health issues associated with factory farming


National Agricultural Library: Food Safety Information Center

The Food Safety Information Center has articles and resources related to food pathogens, food safety standards for handling and processing food as well as emergency preparedness information.


Organic Consumers Association: Food Safety Articles

This is a very comprehensive archived list of articles related to food safety dating back to 1999. The articles relate to pesticide, antibiotic, hormones and factory farming.


Farming With Food Safety and Conservation in Mind, Wild Farm Alliance

The co-management of food safety and conservation is covered in this brochure, by providing a helpful, science-based overview, outlining the low prevalence of food borne pathogens in wildlife, addressing conservation practices that can improve food safety, and offering a conservation-minded risk assessment strategy.


Developing Values-Based Distribution Networks to Enhance to Prosperity of Small and Medium Sized Producers: California Case Studies

This publication explains how food safety regulations, and uncertainty about them, pose create impediments for smaller farmers and distributors who work with them.


Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Network Educational Materials

Resources from Cornell University relating to food safety.