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SWMN Grant making links:

Allen Foundation


Chambers Family Fund - women's projects.


Christensen Fund: Global Biocultural Initiative - Applications are welcome within the following framework: to support efforts aimed at building and sharing global knowledge, wisdom and practice of stewardship of biocultural diversity, landscape integrity and resilience, as well as supporting global institutions and policies that sustain diversity, in particular around agrodiversity and food sovereignty. Maximum grant size at this time is $200,000 over two years (larger grants are by invitation only).


CO Garden Show grants


Education Foundation of America - sustainability projects.


Fiskars Tools: Project Orange Thumb - community gardening grants.


Guidestar - source of information on non-profit organization.


Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation - promoting a sustainable agricultural and food system.


Kellogg Foundation - food, health, and well-being.


American Community Gardening Association - funding/grant news from most recent e-Newsletter.


NC State University Community Gardens - funding information and opportunities.


LiveWell Colorado - funding opportunities for partners in obesity prevention.


Michael Fields Institute - grantwriting assistance program.


National Gardening Association - youth and kids gardening grants.


Organic Farming Research Foundation


Rural Assistance Center - funding links.


USDA: Community Food Projects Competitive Grants Program - "A program of Federal grants to support the development of community food projects designed to meet the food needs of low-income people; increase the self-reliance of communities in providing for their own food needs; and promote comprehensive responses to local food, farm, and nutrition issues."  Also see: