Farm to School

Arizona Resources

Arizona Farm to School Programs
The Farm to School website profiles projects in Arizona that connect the produce from Arizona farmers with schools in the state.


Tucson Farm to Child Program
The Community Food Bank's Community Food Security Center surveyed Arizona school food service directors and farmers. The Farm-to-Child Program improves children’s access to healthy food in schools and the preschool/childcare environment.



Colorado Resources

Farm to School Projects in Colorado
The Farm to School website profiles projects in Colorado that connect the produce from Colorado farmers with schools in the state.


Colorado Farm to School

The Colorado Farm to School Project was launched in February 2010 with the support of a Specialty Crop Block Grant through the Colorado Department of Agriculture.  Colorado Farm to School supports the development of regional farm-to-school networks across the state.


Healthy Community Food Systems: Farm to School

The purpose of the Farm to School project is to ensure that our Pre-K through College students consume the highest quality, sustainably produced, culturally appropriate foods from local farms and ranches. The website includes information about school wellness policies, web resources and information about meetings of the Farm to School group in SW Colorado.


Wild School Gardens — Kids growing food with biodiversity, wildlife, and culture in mind:  from Healthy Comunity Food Systems.


Southwest Colorado School Wellness Policies

Federal guidelines required that all schools participating in federal school meal programs establish Wellness Policies prior to the 2006-07 school year. These policies are to address nutrition, nutrition education, and physical activity. Since they must include public participation, they present a great opportunity for community involvement in all three areas. Examples are given from school districts in southwest Colorado.



New Mexico Resources

Farm to School Projects in NM
The Farm to School website profiles projects in New Mexico that connect the produce from NM farmers with schools in the state.


Healthy Kids, Healthy Economy

This program provides New Mexico students with regionally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, while providing a new market for farmers, an economic benefit to both urban and rural areas, and assists schools meet new Federal nutrition requirements.



Utah Resources

Farm to School Projects in UT
The Farm to School website profiles projects in Utah that connect the produce from Utah farmers with schools in the state.


Slow Food in Schools: Curriculum

Slow Food in Schools is a garden–to–table program with children that cultivates the senses and teaches an ecological approach to food.



Organizations and Web Resource Lists

Farm to School
The National Farm to School Network is a collaborative project with the goal of strengthening and expanding activities in states with existing programs and assisting others that do not yet have programs.


Community Food Security Coalition: Farm-to-School Program
Brings together farmers, school food service directors, parents, and community organizers to address the barriers and opportunities involved in creating a farm-to-school project.



Farm to School Curriculum

Food, Land & People

Food, Land & People is a nonprofit organization committed to helping people of all ages better understand the interrelationships among agriculture, the environment, and people of the world. Food, Land & People's science- and social sciences-based curriculum, Resources for Learning, currently serves Pre-K to 12th grade students throughout the United States. The curriculum consists of 55 hands-on lessons, developed and tested by more than a thousand educators.


French Fries and the Food System

This year-round curriculum provides kids from varied backgrounds a fertile environment in which they can develop an appreciation for the close links between farming and food systems. Lessons range from practical, hands-on activities to social and economic aspects of the food cycle.


National Gardening Association: Books & Posters

The NGA has a wonderfully complete on-line bookstore that includes titles about gardening with kids and teaching food systems.



Resources for Beginning Farm to School Projects

Bringing Local Food to Local Institutions
This publication provides farmers, school administrators, and institutional food-service planners with contact information and descriptions of existing programs that have made these connections between local farmers and local school lunchrooms, college dining halls, or cafeterias in other institutions.


Eat Smart- Farm Fresh: A Guide to Buying and Serving Locally-Grown Produce in School Meals
This is a report published by the USDA Food and Nutrition Service that evaluates several aspects of beginning farm to school projects. Topics covered include; distribution models, building support for local purchasing, and how to find locally produced foods.


Kindergarten Initiative
The Kindergarten Initiative outlines the story of how The Food Trust created a program that promotes healthy eating through education, snacks from local farms, parent involvement, and community support. It also demonstrates options for implementing a similar program in your area by tailoring the Kindergarten Initiative to suit your particular needs.


Local Food Connections: Food Service Considerations
This publication explores the benefits and challenges of institutional buying. This article also explains how a food service operation can start purchasing local foods.


Small Farms/School Meals Initiative: Town Hall Meetings
A step-by-step guide of activities for groups to plan, conduct, and publicize professional town meetings that encourage small farmers and local school food officials to begin a farm-to-school project.



Farm to College

New Markets for Producers: Selling to Colleges
This is a report of the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The report looks at six colleges involved in "Farm to College" relationships and explains the benefits of institutional selling.


CFSC Farm to College Page
The Community Food Security Coalition has a webpage devoted to "Farm to College" information and resources. In addition to resources to start new projects, the site has a report on existing Farm to College projects.


Real Food Challenge

This webpage empowers college students to advocate for "real" food in their college cafeterias. Resources include fact sheets and other advocacy tools.


Prescott College Crossroads Café
Get a delicious, local-food-rich breakfast or lunch in Prescott, Arizona, at the newly opened Crossroads Cafe. A part of the larger Crossroads Center at Prescott College, the cafe serves as a meeting point for residents, students, visitors and staff in the area. The cafe offers a number of local food delights from vegetarian Borscht to Beef Bourguignon to daily sandwich specials, salads and soups.



Case Studies and Success Stories

Direct Marketing to Schools: A New Opportunity for Family Farmers

This case study—part of a larger study on direct marketing techniques used by small farmers—focuses on the experiences of six farmers in California who have participated in farm-to-school farmers market salad bar projects.


Going Local: Paths to Success for Farm to School Programs
This report showcases innovative farm to school programs from around the country. It draws upon the existing information as well as new research to present a compilation of eight case studies of farm to school programs operating in different regions of the country.