Environmentally Friendly Production

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What is Sustainable Agriculture?

This publication defines sustainable agriculture by providing snapshots of different producers who apply sustainable principles on their farms and ranches.



Sustainability in Agriculture: National Agricultural Library

Sustainable food systems integrate many disciplines, goals and agricultural practices. Find guides and links to sustainable agriculture information related to economic and social issues as well as food choices and food security.


ATTRA Publications

Numerous publications related to environmentally friendly production, energy efficiency and alternatives on the farm, and more.  Check out the Farm Energy Alternatives publications and the searchable Directory of Energy Alternatives to find energy-related equipment, funding, and technical assistance in your state.  See What is Sustainable Agriculture? for a listing of ATTRA publications explains the principles of sustainable agriculture and some of the "systems" approaches associated with it.



Global Climate Change
This article from the Economic Research Service of the USDA addresses the impacts of global climate on the agricultural setor.


USDA Rural Development: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program
The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program, through USDA-Rural Development, offers grants, guaranteed loans, and combination grant/guaranteed loans to help agricultural producers and rural small businesses purchase and install renewable energy systems and make energy efficiency improvements in rural areas.


What Alternative Energy Options are Available for Farms?
This resource provides an overview of information sources for alternative energy options for farms available from the United States Department of Energy.


Diversifying Cropping Systems
Diversifying can soften impacts on environmental resources, spread farmers' economic risk, exploit profitable niche markets and-by creating new industries based on renewable agriculture resources-strengthen rural communities. This bulletin describes some of the many agronomic crop alternatives, with plentiful examples of on-farm successes.


The New American Farmer: Profiles of Agricultural Innovation
The profiles in The New American Farmer, 2nd edition hail from small vegetable farms and ranches and grain farms covering thousands of acres. There are success stories from farmers all over the United States using alternative and environmentally friendly production methods to ensure financial and environmental sustainability.