Diversifying Your Products and Enterprises

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Companion Planting: Basic Concepts and Resources

Companion planting is based on the idea that certain plants can benefit others when planted in near proximity. The scientific and traditional bases for these plant associations are discussed



Diversifying Cropping Systems

Diversifying can soften impacts on environmental resources, spread farmers' economic risk, exploit profitable niche markets and-by creating new industries based on renewable agriculture resources-strengthen rural communities. This bulletin describes some of the many agronomic crop alternatives, with plentiful examples of on-farm successes.



Evaluating a Rural Enterprise

This publication is for people who already live in rural areas and want to add new enterprises to their operations. Its sections guide the reader in evaluating resources, assessing finances, gathering information, and marketing. It also discusses choosing an "alternative" enterprise and offers further resources.



Moving Beyond Conventional Cash Cropping

This publication is written for those looking for a way out of the high risk, long hours, low pay, poor prices, and dim future associated with conventional cash crop production.



Primer for Selecting New Enterprises for Your Farm

This publication is designed to help producers evaluate new enterprises for their farms or family businesses.