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Edible Software
Edible Software enables wholesale grocery, meat, produce, seafood, and general food distributors to increase their bottom line through increased efficiency and improved productivity.



Entrée NECS

Entree is a Food Distribution Software application for Windows that delivers both tremendous power and ease-of-use not seen in other food distributing software.



Visual Produce
A software program designed to address the business needs of fresh produce Wholesalers, Distributors, Packers, Shippers, Processors, Brokers and Growers.



Reducing Food Miles: ATTRA

Local food systems can reduce "food miles" and transportation costs, offering significant energy savings. This series of ATTRA publications highlights ways to reduce the distance food travels.



Wholesale Distribution Center Storage

This article from UC Davis talks about the proper storage temperatures for numerous fruits and vegetables.



For more information about ways to reduce food miles, visit our Marketing Options resources, such as Community Supported Agriculture and Farmers Markets.