Direct Marketing

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Arizona Resources

Direct Farm Marketing Options
Market advantages and disadvantages to some of the more common direct farm marketing methods are discussed in this article.


Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook

A publication put out by the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension. This guide covers production tips, legal considerations, consumer profiles, and case studies as they relate to direct marketing.


Western Profiles of Innovative Agricultural Marketing: Examples from Direct Farm Marketing and Agri-Tourism Enterprises

This publication is intended to help producers identify avenues for providing more value to consumers at the farm or ranch level.


Linking Arizona's Sense of Place to a Sense of Taste: Marketing the Heritage Value of Arizona's Place-Based Foods

This publication looks specifically at the traditional and native foods unique to Arizona. This book not only tells the historical story of Arizona's heritage foods; it examines the role these foods can play in a modern era.



Other Resources

Local Harvest

Local Harvest has complete listings of farmers' markets, CSAs, small farms, and restaurants and grocery stores that sell local foods throughout the US.


Beginning Direct Marketing Ventures

Direct Farm Marketing Example: Preparing a Business Plan: A Guide for Agricultural Producers

This resource guide covers how to develop marketing, financial and production plans.


Marketing Local Food

This publication introduces the basics of different marketing systems, suggests resources and includes profiles of farmers who are selling farm products directly to consumers via farmers' markets, roadside stands, CSAs, on-farm stores; as well as information and profiles about selling indirectly via retail food establishments or food services.


Marketing Strategies for Farmers and Ranchers

This is a publication of the USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program, highlighting various creative marketing strategies for small scale farmers.


Small Farm and Direct Marketing Handbook: The Green Book

While this handbook focuses mainly on regulations of Washington state, it is a helpful resource guide for various direct marketing strategies. Topics include; farmers' markets, CSAs, farm to cafeteria, internet marketing, mail order sales, agri-tourism and other direct marketing options.


Sell What You Sow: A Guide to Successful Produce Marketing
This book written by Eric Gibson highlights various aspects of agricultural direct marketing, including tips for selling to restaurants. Information about how to purchase the book is available on the following website:


Growing For Market
Growing for Market is a monthly magazine about small-scale farming, sustainable agriculture and farm direct marketing. It covers farmers markets, farm stands, Community Supported Agriculture, and selling locally to restaurants, supermarkets, natural food stores and florists.


Direct Marketing of Farm Produce and Home Goods
This publication from the University of Wisconsin has several creative recommendations for direct marketing vegetables.