Current SWMN Activity


The SWMN is currently at a low level of activity as we explore new ways of responding to current needs in the region.  Only certain webpages are maintained.


For the past 15 years, the SWMN has promoted and facilitated improvements in alternative marketing, sustainable agriculture, Farm to School, Native food and farming, and healthy food systems. We believe that we have helped build the capacity of many groups and individuals that now carry on that work across the Southwest, and that much of this work is now institutionalized in public and private organizations such as Land Grant universities, state agencies, and non-profits.


Two SWMN partners who continue to work across the SWMN area are Farm to Table and Healthy Community Food Systems. Visit their websites and those of other agencies and organizations in your areas for information and assistance.


Due to funding limitations, we are only maintaining specific parts of this website and where possible we are putting new content on the HCFS site. We are keeping many of the pages of this website online since much of the information may still be current, but not maintained.


Stay tuned to the SWMN NewsBriefs on the homepage for any specific news on the SWMN.


Pages currently maintained:

Homepage with NewsBriefs