Community Gardening

Arizona Community Gardens

Community Gardens in Maricopa County, Arizona

This is a great directory of resources for starting community gardens.



Colorado Community Gardens

Denver Urban Gardens: Community Gardening Resources
DUG has created over 70 gardens in the Denver area. Please visit their website for information about how to start and maintain community gardens.


Growing Gardens, Boulder, CO
On the Growing Gardens website there is information for 7 community gardens throughout Boulder. You can learn about signing up for a garden plot on the website.



New Mexico Community Gardens

"Community Gardens Feed the Body and Soul"
This is an article from the Spring of 2002 from the New Mexico State University Extension that highlights over 15 community gardens throughout New Mexico.


The Santa Fe Community Farm
The farm consists of two acres of fruit trees, and three acres of vegetables located on 40 acres of some of the last undeveloped land in Santa Fe. The Community Farm donates its entire harvest to the homeless, hungry, and needy of the city. All farm hands are volunteers, who help plant, weed, harvest and distribute the fruits and vegetables.



Utah Community Gardens

Wasatch Community Gardens
Wasatch Community Gardens works under the philosophy that gardens help people see the worth of their space, themselves, and those around them. Through their program, over 65 community gardeners grow fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs to feed over 200 people. Neighbors work together toward common goals, and Wasatch Gardens provide them with the resources and education that can help them be both independent and cooperative.



Community Gardening Resources

American Community Gardening Association
The American Community Gardening Association (ACGA) is a bi-national nonprofit membership organization of professionals, volunteers and supporters of community greening in urban and rural communities.


Cultivating Community Gardens: The Role of Local Government in Creating Healthy, Livable Neighborhoods
This is a wonderful resource guide from the Local Government Commission in Sacramento, CA. The guide covers the environmental and community benefits of community gardening as well as various ways that local government can support communal growing spaces.


How to Start a Community Garden on a Vacant Lot

This guide from Get Active Orlando provides steps for creating an urban community garden.

Green Guerillas, New York City

Green Guerillas uses a unique mix of education, organizing, and advocacy to help people cultivate community gardens, sustain grassroots groups and coalitions, engage youth, paint colorful murals, and address issues critical to the future of their gardens.


Green Thumb, New York City
Established in 1978, GreenThumb remains the nation's largest urban gardening program, assisting over 600 gardens and nearly 20,000 garden members throughout New York City. Their aim is to foster civic participation and encourage neighborhood revitalization while preserving open space.