Community Food Projects

Community Food Projects (CFP) have proven instrumental in rebuilding local food systems across the country. Many of these are funded by the USDA Community Food Projects Competitive Grants (CFPCG) program. The SWMN tries to assist groups plan, obtain funding for, implement, and evaluate these types of projects. Our approach is to augment rather than duplicate the excellent resources available nationally from the Community Food Security Coalition and other national groups.


Here is what we recommend:

  1. Review the latest Call for Proposals from the USDA CFPCG program.
  2. Go to the Community Food Security Coalition's CFP web page for comprehensive assistance for preparing a competitive proposal, and to see examples of past and present projects nationwide.
  3. Browse our list of past and present CFP projects in the Four Corners states to find project contacts, approaches, and the latest updates.
  4. Plan on attending our next SWMN Annual Conference to network with project staff from other communities and for workshops on planning, getting funding, implementing, and evaluating Community Food Projects.
  5. Send us a request for personal assistance. We have a limited ability to provide assistance as needed. In many cases we will refer you to people and resources that should be able to help, and in a few cases, we may be able to extend more extensive assistance. Please send a description of your project and most pressing needs.
  6. See our *Financing* page for other possible sources of funding for your community project.