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Arizona Resources

Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook
A publication put out by the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension. This guide covers production tips, legal considerations, consumer profiles, and case studies as they relate to direct marketing.


Western Profiles of Innovative Agricultural Marketing: Examples from Direct Farm Marketing and Agri-Tourism Enterprises

This publication is intended to help producers identify avenues for providing more value to consumers at the farm or ranch level. There are several stories about successful agri-tourism enterprises.


Schenpf Farms: The Southwest's Premier Family Entertainment Farm
The Schnepfs have learned to be innovative and flexible. Although commercial crops sustained them for over 30 years, changes in the farm economy forced them to switch to direct marketing to keep their farm. They evolved from selling excess garden produce, to their country store, and to today's focus on family entertainment and agricultural education.



Colorado Resources

Colorado Department of Agriculture: Agri-Tourism Page
This website has information about how to locate agri-tourism activities in the entire state. Also listed are special events and workshops related to agri-tourism business development.



Other Resources

University of California: Small Farms Center Agri-Tourism Webpage
This website contains useful information about agri-tourism. Topics include publications and research about agri-tourism as well as fact sheets making the case for agri-tourism enterprises.


Entertainment Farming and Agri-Tourism
This ATTRA publication cover the three -tourism basics: have something for visitors to see, something for them to do, and something for them to buy. The guide covers various ways to develop your agri-tourism business.


Getting Started with Direct Farm Marketing and Agri-Tourism

This is the introduction to the publication, "Western Profiles of Innovative Agricultural Marketing: Examples from Direct Farm Marketing and Agri-Tourism Enterprises." The introduction does a fine job of setting the stage for all the important things to consider when beginning an agri-tourism business venture.


Nature-Based Tourism & Agri-Tourism Trends: Unlimited Opportunities
This article makes the case for why agri-tourism is a viable option to bring prosperity to small scale farms. The article discusses several agri-tourism models and resources to help you get started.


Taking the First Step: Farm & Ranch Alternative Enterprise & Agri-Tourism Resource Guide
This guide is designed to help technical staff and rural leaders assist farmers and ranchers in taking the first step in identifying alternative enterprises and agritourism opportunities. This guide will help you inventory and understand your farm or ranch resources, think openly, think creatively, think of the unusual, but most importantly, think outside the box as you explore your options for alternative enterprises and agritourism.


Agritourism Workshop Materials: Risk Management
Check the "risk management" section for information addressing limiting liability.