State Agricultural Policy & State Policy Councils

Tools to Mobilize Activists

Community Food Security Coalition: "How To" Resources for Food Policy Councils
This list of resources from the CFSC helps Food Policy Councils learn how to organize around key policy issues to create change in their communities.


Link to Farm Bill Advocacy Toolkit
Although aimed at helping with Federal Policy change, The Sustainable Agriculture Coalition has a wonderful Advocacy Toolkit that can also help create policy change at the state level. The Toolkit includes information on; making phone calls, writing emails, and faxed letters, writing an op-ed, running an effective campaign and "Framing Your Message."


LiveWell Advocacy Program
According to the U.S. Surgeon General, obesity is the single greatest public health threat to the nation. In fact, poor nutrition and lack of physical activity are the second leading preventable causes of death in the United States AND in Colorado. The LiveWell Advocacy Program gives citizens the tools they need to work for policy change addressing obesity prevention.



How to Contact State Representatives

Arizona State Legislature


Colorado State Legislature


New Mexico State Legislature


Utah State Legislature



What is a Food Policy Council?

Community Food Security Coalition: Food Policy Council Resources



Links to State-Wide Food Policy Councils in the Four Corners:

Colorado Food Systems Policy Working Group
A Food Systems Policy Working group has been formed in Colorado:


New Mexico Food & Agriculture Policy Council
Contact: Pam Roy at (505) 473-1004 or



Sample Policies worked on by State-wide Food Policy Councils

New Mexico Food & Agriculture Policy Council


National Farm to School Efforts: Media Coverage on Farm to School Policies that have been passed.


Food Policy Blueprint
LiveWell Colorado has developed a Food Policy Blueprint that seeks to identify the most pressing policy needs and opportunities to strengthen access to healthy foods in Colorado. To download the Food Policy Blueprint, please visit: